Your fun and safety are our priority. So make sure that you consider the following instructions before entering the trampoline park:

  • Wear the jump socks everywhere and at all times. Jump socks are available at the entrance and you can use them again for your next visit!
  • It is not permitted to wear jewellery, watches, and belts on the trampolines. You can safely store your things in the lockers at the entrance.
  • Chewing gum, food, and drinks are not permitted in the trampoline park.

And during jumping:

  • Always keep an eye on your fellow jumpers!
  • Always follow the instructions of the experienced Jump Masters.
  • Don’t over jump – only perform jumps that you can do. Don’t worry, practice makes perfect and our Jump Masters are there to help you to perform and practice your tricks and skills.
  • Always land on your bum, back, or on both feet.
  • Land in the centre of the trampolines.
  • Bringing in and using a mobile telephone is at your own risk.
  • Banner frames, fences, and nets are there for safety, not to climb on or hang from.
  • The rules for each area can be read on the boards.

Remember the rules and enjoy your jumping!





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